Don’t Buy Big Pharma Lies


In its efforts to discredit the 340B drug pricing program, the pharmaceutical industry has released misleading reports, stating that 340B contributes to high drug prices.

As advocates for this program, we know that 340B has lived up to congressional expectations, making a negligible impact on drug prices in the United States. 

Big pharmaceutical companies continue to push this platform and have the money and capabilities to sway Members of Congress into buying their lies. We need to come together and fight for this life-saving program. Follow the steps below to help advocate for the truth. 

Help Advocate for the 340B Program Today!

Call your Member of Congress at(202) 224-3121 and give them this message:

  • 340B helps patients, hospitals, and safety-net providers.
  • 340B costs taxpayers nothing.
  • Greedy drug companies want to dismantle 340B.
  • Congress should leave 340B alone.