School should be a safe place to learn, make friends, and explore interests, but for many LGBTQ+ students, school often means bullying, harassment, and erasure. Schools are becoming a cultural battleground, with onerous restrictions on curriculum, sex education, even the availability of LGBTQ+ books. Across the country, bills that put limitations on discussing LGBTQ+ issues, adresseing LGBTQ+ health, correctly gendering transgender students and even requiring mandatory outings by teachers and administrators to parents are being introduced regularly. These efforts are making schools unsafe for LGBTQ+ students.

In addition, many lawmakers continue to threaten the livelihoods of transgender people and their families. In states across the country, policymakers are attempting to ban transgender youth from accessing affirming healthcare that they need, and participating in school athletics. Transgender youth, like all youth, have the best chance to thrive when they are supported and able to access the health care they need. Discriminatory efforts like these make our healthcare system even more opaque and inaccessible than it already is.

Furthermore, these horrible bills put our youth at risk for acquiring HIV and sexually transmitted infections. Making matters worse, bills such as these also target young people of color by denying teachers the opportunity to teach the documented history of our state and country. It would halt legitimate historic discussion and public health prevention education to keep our kids safe and healthy

Please join us today in writing to your state legislators to tell them you don't want to see these bills in your state.